The Nielsen Network is a Digital First Broadcast Company focused on leveraging the power of social media and digital distribution. The network develops new age communication strategies for executives and companies all over the world.

Headed by Bronwyn Nielsen, former Editor-in-Chief at CNBC Africa, and specialist communications consultant in crisis and reputation management.

Bronwyn Nielsen Training President Cyril Ramaphosa | The Nielsen Network

Consulting Services

Our consulting services consist of crisis and reputation management, as well as Investor relations. We offer training to top-level management in minimising internal crises, as well as managing business reputation and the flow and management of media externally.

Our investor relations combine communications, finance and marketing to manage the information that is circulated between a company and the public.

Crisis Management

Reputation Management

Investor Relations

The Nielsen Network Training

We offer various online training courses targeting internal and external media and communications, as well as improving presentation skills. These are tailored specifically to suit your business needs and availability and cause minimal disruption.

With so many media platforms available, all companies must understand how information can be used or abused in both the private and corporate sectors. The virtual training option is gaining ground as a preferred communication medium.

Media Training

Virtual Workshop

Presentation Skills

The Nielsen Network Video Production

The Nielsen Network team excel in taking media to video and offer training on this front. Many clients use the data to create a variety of videos that are broadcast to both their clientele and their employees.

Video training is beneficial as it is a simple way to promote a product or convey valuable information in an easy-to-understand and digestible way. Videos appeal to mobile users and help build relationships while engaging a wide cross-section of your audience.