Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Now it’s all good and well having great ideas but how does one effectively communicate those grand ideas?

At The Nielsen Network part of our core training series is developing both personal and business presentation skills. With this intensive course we teach you how to develop the skills and methodology to prepare and deliver a dynamic presentation.

You will learn how to build rapport and credibility with your audience through effective communication skills to have them listening intently and buying into your ideas.

We will equip you with the tools to overcome obstacles and challenges that so often prevent the delivery of a great presentation.

Presentation Skills | The Nielsen Network

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Our Three Phase Approach

1. Pre Training Engagement

  • Review of previous presentations delivered by delegates.
  • Narrative and Audience analysis

2. Delivery of Presentation Skills Training

  • Provision of Presentation Skills.
  • In-training Feedback and Direction.

3. Post Training Engagement

  • Personalised feedback and review of your presentation.
  • Detailing areas of focus.
  • You receive a digital copy of your delivered presentation.
  • You receive summary notes of the entire workshop.
  • Provision of counsel and assistance via Skype, for a presentation, delivered post training.

This Training Course can be conducted in English and French.

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