The Nielsen Network Training

We offer various online training courses targeting internal and external media and communications, as well as improving presentation skills. These are tailored specifically to suit your business needs and availability and cause minimal disruption.

With so many media platforms available, all companies must understand how information can be used or abused in both the private and corporate sectors. The virtual option is gaining ground as a preferred communication medium. All our Courses can be conducted in English and French.

CEO Communication Coaching

The Nielsen Network has over 25 years experience in conducting media training with C-SUITE delegates across the world. COVID-19 has led to unprecedented demand for the media training program to be conducted virtually.

Media Training

Communicating with the media across its many different platforms can become a minefield, too often your corporate message doesn’t land as intended and you have to backtrack on what you have already communicated to all your stakeholders!

Virtual Workshop

In our new virtual reality, everyone is a “TV” Broadcaster.  You need to make adjustments to ensure your virtual interactions are having an impact and that you are creating and contributing to a productive and engaging culture with both internal and external stakeholders.

Presentation Skills

At The Nielsen Network part of our core training series is developing both personal and business presentation skills. With this intensive course we teach you how to develop the skills and methodology to prepare and deliver a dynamic presentation.

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