Virtual Workshop

Everyone Is A “TV” Broadcaster

In our new virtual reality, everyone is a “TV” Broadcaster. You need to make adjustments to ensure your virtual interactions are having an impact and that you are creating and contributing to a productive and engaging culture with both internal and external stakeholders.

Communication tactics that work well in a physical environment do not translate seamlessly to a computer screen. Elevating your presence in a virtual meeting requires you not only to adopt “broadcast” friendly tactics but also to eliminate misconceptions about the medium.

Zoom Fatigue Is Very Real

The Virtual space extends from the space you occupy through your camera and mic into a multiverse of spaces occupied by all other attendees.

Speaking and physical engagement in the multiverse requires an entirely new level of energy. Zoom fatigue is very real and it’s a direct result of the fact that one hour of “TV / broadcast engagement” is generally seen as equating to two and a half hours of a “normal” work environment. The adrenal impact of your new broadcast reality is depleting your energy.

Crafted Dynamic Workshop

The Nielsen Network has crafted a dynamic workshop to combat the negatives and to elevate the positives in order to help you perfect your virtual presence and further to polish your virtual meeting etiquette.

We leverage our extensive combined traditional TV and radio broadcast experience to share tangible measures you can take each and every day during every remote interaction to ensure that your message is not lost in virtual translation. Working in groups of five over two hours we are confident that we will change your virtual reality forever.

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