Africa must continue to develop while it Transitions

We are the ones that have infused the word "Just" into the phrase "Just Transition". There is a huge element of justice to be considered as we didn't cause the climate crisis. Africa cannot leapfrog to Net Zero we have to have something to transition from and right now we know that more than half a billion people do not have access to any form of energy. Africa must continue to develop with its God Given resources while it transitions.

Scale and Speed will differentiate The Alliance for Green Infrastructure in Africa. Period.

We are moving from an incremental approach to a transformational approach to green infrastructure across the African continent. The gestation period for most infrastructure projects is a minimum of 7 years and we are going to drive projects from inception to completion within a 3 to 4 year timeframe with The Alliance for Green Infrastructure. Scale and Speed. Solomon Quaynor Vice President for Private Sector Infrastructure and Industrialisation African Development Bank.

Dr. Armani Abou-Zeid AUC Commissioner Infrastructure, Energy & ICT welcomes you to Sharm El-Sheikh!

The sheer number of people in attendance at COP27 shows you just how important this climate summit is to the world. This COP has something very specific as it is the implementation COP. We have enough knowledge, we have enough will, we have enough promises and enough speeches. It is time for action.

It’s imperative that Africa’s future infrastructure is resilient in the face of climate change.

Kevin Kariuki Vice President Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth at the African Development Bank believes that it has been a successful Africa Cop as the AfDB has launched two transformative climate initiatives namely the Climate Action window and the Alliance for Green Infrastructure in Africa. Kevin adds that the Alliance for Green Instructure in Africa is an idea that’s time has firmly come.

Mr. Obaid Amrane – CEO of Ithmar Capital and Chairman of African Sovereign Investors Forum at COP27

The African Sovereign Investors Forum (ASIF) represents 10 African Sovereign Wealth Funds that have sustainability at the core of their investment mandates. ASIF is partnering with the Alliance on Green Infrastructure in Africa to help drive green infrastructure projects at scale across the African Continent.

Egypt’s COP27 could unlock the rise of renewable energy across Africa and Worldwide

Egypt's COP27 Summit could unlock the rise of renewable energy in Africa and worldwide if leaders are able to strengthen their commitment to phase out fossil fuels and begin to act on that promise. Francois Dao Vice President EDF Renewables Middle East and Africa speaks to us at the global climate conference.

Carbon Credit Trading a Hot Topic at COP27

A theme that has stood out for Peter Van Kerckhoven co head Debt Finance at Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking at COP27 is that of carbon credit trading which appears to be gaining some real momentum. Peter believes that given the robust conversations he's heard at COP27 that we may see concrete steps on carbon credit training sooner than anticipated. Peter also gives his views on South Africa's Just Energy Plan which was launched at COP27 by President Cyril...

Portia Bangerezako Head of Sustainability at Old Mutual Group is at COP27in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Having attended COP27 in Durban in 2011 Portia Bangerezako believes that so much progress has been made on issues of climate finance and how the conversation is framed but as a sustainability practitioner she is also acutely aware of the fact that we don't have much time left in order to address the climate emergency.