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Tailored CEO Communication Coaching

The Nielsen Network has over 25 years experience in conducting media training with C-SUITE delegates across the world. COVID-19 has led to unprecedented demand for the media training program to be conducted virtually.

“The Single Biggest Problem In Communication Is The Illusion That It Has Taken Place.”
George Bernard Shaw.

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Our Methodology

Bespoke sessions are prepared exclusively on a need’s basis and formulated post an initial assessment. The sessions are conducted virtually via state-of-the art conferencing equipment from The Nielsen Network radio and TV studio at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The coaching is scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to the respective executive’s diary and can be conducted either early morning or early evening as convenient. Programmes are extended where required until the desired outcomes are achieved.

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Our Three-Phase Approach

1. Pre-Training Engagement

  • 30min pre-training engagement in order to build rapport and tailor the sessions.

2. Delivery Of Individual Executive Coaching

Delivery of 4x One Hour Individual Training Sessions per candidate at one-week intervals.

The training will depend on the executive’s requirements as selected from the following menu:

  • Media skills for Radio, TV and Digital Media.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Crisis Communication.

3. Post Training Deliverables

  • Edited digital copies of all the Practical Sessions.
  • Comprehensive notes summarizing the tailored workshops and best practice across all media platforms.
  • Including Tips to deal with radio and TV and Social Media.

This Training Course can be conducted in English and French.

Bronwyn Nielsen And President Cyril Ramaphosa | The Nielsen Network
World Economic Forum - Al Gore | The Nielsen Network
World Economic Forum - Al Gore | The Nielsen Network

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