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Corporate Media Skills Training

Communicating with the media across its many different platforms can become a minefield, too often your corporate message doesn’t land as intended and you have to backtrack on what you have already communicated to all your stakeholders!

Or worse a very vague and misunderstood message makes you seem indifferent or careless and that can cause irreparable damage to your image, brand or to the entire corporation.

Media Training For Executives In Both The Private And Public Sector

Whether you operate in the private or public sector the best cure for these headaches is to learn how to avoid them at all costs. The Nielsen Network offers unique, bespoke Media Training Skills that will help you steer clear of these pitfalls with immediate effect.

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Virtual Media Training

Headquartered at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange we are a proudly Digital First Company and offer Virtual Media Training via state-of -the-art equipment to ensure we keep you and your team safe during these trying times.

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Our Three Phase Media Training Approach

1. Pre-Media Training Engagement

Understanding The Organization And Individual Context

We undertake a pre-training “mini- audit” to familiarize the trainers with the organization and further to independently assess each delegate.

  • Review recent corporate and individual media coverage.
  • Review corporate and individual social media platforms.

2. Delivery Of Immersive Media Training

The practical training includes but is not limited to:

  • Know your interviewer, know your audience and understand how to prepare for your media interaction.
  • Understand the current traditional and digital media landscape.
  • Identify the organization’s high level narrative
  • Select key messages most relevant to each delegate in the context of their respective role.
  • Understand how to intelligently deliver relevant key messages into an editorial interview without upsetting your interviewer.
  • Conquer the “satisfy and steer technique.”
  • Simulated live interviews – record and playback.
  • Putting it all into practice – master the techniques and skills of a great interviewee.
  • Feedback and recommendations.

3. Post Media Training Engagement

To ensure that your delegates benefit over the LONG TERM term and receive the full value of the media training each delegate receives:

  • Digital copies of the first interview and the last interview – your RETURN on TIME and MONEY is the guaranteed HUGE difference between them.
  • A concise Handbook detailing notes of the entire workshop including tips for dealing with the media that only seasoned journalists really understand.

This Training Course can be conducted in English and French.

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