CABC talks to misinformation during COVID-19

CABC talks to misinformation during COVID-19

The Center for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC) focuses on social cohesion and narrative manipulation. Program Director Stuart Jones weighs in.

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About CABC

Why we exist

The internet revolutionised our society and social media transformed human relationships beyond our wildest dreams. Sadly, with the good came the bad and the ugly. The alarming increase in fake news, hate speech, mis-and-disinformation campaigns, trolling and all other negative influences designed to confuse, distract, and divide us led to the founding of the Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC).

Exceptionally quick advances in online technology means these negative influences cannot be regulated away. Rather, they require dedicated capabilities that can track, monitor and analyse online narratives and most importantly, respond to them in real-time. This is what differentiates the CABC – we are not silent observers, we track and actively counter negative online narratives. We are primarily impact-focused, so we are committed to creating meaningful change in (offline) society through our work (online) on social media.

Our Team

Our innovation is in our collaboration. We have a diverse, highly experienced multidisciplinary team that possesses deep expertise in all the key focus areas we work in and covers a wide range of skills, including academia, technology, research and analytics, dialogue facilitation, conflict mediation, psychology, communication, and marketing and advertising.

We have also established an internship and fellowship programme that draws in students from the Graduate School of Business’s MBA and MPhil programmes who gain invaluable work experience and skills while contributing to the organisation’s projects at the same time. We are also ideally positioned to draw on a wide range of subject matter expertise from across the University, strengthening our projects and methodologies.