Money, Markets, Investments – What a Week

Money, Markets, Investments – What a Week

The investment markets are complicated and it is so difficult to make decisions that could impact your long term wealth accumulation. We have brought the market experts together to debate the decisions you are struggling to make. So you are able to make qualified decisions when it comes to your money.


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About Bronwyn Nielsen

With over 25 years’ experience in African and Global broadcasting, Bronwyn is one of Africa’s most experienced and well-known broadcasters.

During 2018 and 2017 alone Bronwyn has chaired debates and panel discussions at World Economic Forum events including Switzerland (Davos), South Africa (Cape Town and Durban), UAE (Dubai), China (Dalian) and India (New Delhi).

She is also called upon by leading business organisations and institutes, such as Milken Institute, African Development Bank and the ABN Group (which includes CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa) to moderate key live broadcast sessions at their global events.

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