SA’s favourite fund manager David Shapiro is in the house

SA’s favourite fund manager David Shapiro is in the house

David Shapiro recently celebrated his 50th anniversary on the JSE so you can definitely trust his experience. The current market volatility and the much talked about switch from growth into value doesn’t phase him putting it all down to market noise. David’s analysis of inflation doesn’t leave him worried either and he is certainly not factoring in 7 rate hikes from the US federal Reserve. International over local with Big Tech still featuring largely in his investment universe. “Revenge buying” (the spending of “forced” savings courtesy of COVID-19) is also a theme David continues to pursue with luxury goods like LVMH still in favor.

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About David Shapiro

I began my career in markets in 1972, shortly after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. I manage private client money and a small unit trust called the Sasfin Met Equity Fund. Although the fund is small, it has earned three Raging Bull awards. In 2014, the fund received the Raging Bull for being the best South African general equity fund on a risk-adjusted basis measured over five years.

I often do market commentary on Radio 702 and SAFM and also appear on BDTV and CNBC. “On the Couch with David Shapiro” is my own show that is broadcast on CNBC Africa.

I have been married to my wife, Linda, for 45 years and I have three children on three different continents with five grandchildren. I travel often between New York and Sydney visiting family.

Over and above my passion for markets, I am also an avid runner, caricature artist and art enthusiast. I am also an Arsenal supporter, but I try to keep that a secret.