Small Businesses in the time of COVID-19

Small Businesses in the time of COVID-19

Bronwyn Nielsen sits down with Bernard Swanepoel, head of the small business institute of South Africa (SBI) to chat about how small businesses can survive during the time of COVID-19.

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About The Small Business Institute of South Africa

Positioned as the Big Voice for Small Business

More than 95% of registered businesses in the world are small in size, employing fewer than 250 people and account for 60%-70% of the entire working population. Not in South Africa, where SMMEs – far fewer than previously believed – provide jobs for only 28%. To create employment for over nine million people without work, policy makers and regulators must support an environment that is conducive to the growth and competitiveness of South Africa’s small and medium enterprises. The SBI commits to the President’s nation-building programme of Thuma Mina and will seek to influence the creation of an enabling environment for the SME segment of the economy, which traverses all sectors.


The SBI exists positively influence the environment for SMEs in South Africa. Small and medium size enterprises create jobs and power economies. We stand for a free-market approach to growing SMEs, creating jobs, and providing ethical leadership. We envision a country where small- and medium-sized businesses are supported by thoughtful, evidence-based policy that limits obstacles to their success and sustainability and the private sector works to eliminate structural obstacles to competition, access to markets and effective entry into supply chains.


SBI advocates for policy makers and big businesses to ‘think small first’. We lobby for government to consider and support the sustainability of SMEs in legislation, regulation and procurement policies. Our campaigns include big businesses where SME-supportive supply chain management and payment terms contribute to a thriving sector.