Business is a Connection not a Destination

Business is a Connection Not a Destination | The Nielsen Network

Business is a Connection not a Destination

Business is a Connection not a Destination

We are now well into 2022 and already we can see at The Nielsen Network that this year will be a defining one for us. Our business model continues to evolve gaining unprecedented momentum with the Power of Digital which makes us stronger and stronger on a daily basis.

Moving at the click of a button from a meeting in London to executive communication coaching in Lagos followed by an afternoon of training in Libreville before ending the day with a session in New York. We’ve also evolved our offering and can conduct our work seamlessly in both English and in French. This is our daily reality. We’ve conducted work in 26 countries since mid January and by the end of this month that number will hit 36.

I’ve never been one to shy away from travel, and before COVID-19 I was on a long haul flight almost on a weekly basis. I fully agree there is no substitute for being on the ground in a new country and having the opportunity to learn, observe, and participate in a different reality. Very soon we’ll be on the ground in Rwanda to execute a contract that requires our physical presence. I can’t wait especially as Rwanda is one of my favourite places. But the reality is that pre-COVID we would never have been able to work in 36 countries in just a month and a half – in fact even in 12 months this just wouldn’t have been possible.

For a business like ours, where Digital Communication is firmly front and centre, today the sky is the limit and we fully believe that with the right energy, focus and virtual etiquette you can create not only meaningful relationships that will last but you can also rewrite the vision when it comes to your growth trajectory. As one of our very wise network partners Michelle Atkins often says “Business is a connection not a destination.”


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